quick LA trip

the perfect traveling gear- cut offs, heathered t, and blazer just in case it’s too cold on the plane. Opt for a blazer when needing an extra layer- it always dresses things up, just in case/if needed.

ahhh felt so good to sleep in my bed in my room at mom and dad’s.

 missed this view.

did lots & lots of eating lol. Korean salad and seafood noodles my faves-

dinner and drinks at Lola’s in Hollywood. Great food yes, but being with my closest friends, the BEST.

working on the go. Tunes always help.

Korean Bbq on fathers day at the request of my dad. ahhhh Korean bbq- nothing is comparable.

bff time @ our old stompin grounds {the grove}

food food food

 Cheers with the fam

It’s never goodbye

I took millions of pictures, but chose to share these, because well- they capture my weekend perfectly. FAMILY FOOD FRIENDS. MOST important things in life. I used to live in LA for 8 years, and due to family and special close friends, I will always visit a few times a year. Counting down until November!

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