Use jewelry boxes to store different pieces & metals 

I actutally have 4 large drawers full of  jewlery. I never sweat displaying/organizing my expensive pieces with my non….(well with the exception of my pieces with precious stones). I’m only showing this particular drawer though, because it is my most “organized”  one~LOL! DIY too. Just use jewelry boxes! Will do the others like this one this week. ( future insta post! 😉 )

I ALWAYS have to be organized because I will reveal this right here…..I’m VERY VERY VERY  OCD. I’m an OCD freak.  I won’t  custom org anymore  ( you will see why soon! 😉 but it doesn’t matter. It is really super easy to organize on any lifestyle or any budget!


I can’t have hair essentials all over the place, so I used a hot glue gun to attach tiny plastic containers together.  All hair essentials/ accessories are always easily visible and accessible.


My FAVE space~ my office. It’s really SO inviting, that I don’t ever feel like I’m “working” in here. Creating an entire weeks worth of posts as we speak!

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