obsessed with these chanel camellia earrings

Hi friends! Sorry for this quicky post, but stay tuned for more soon! It’s been a crazy past week with so much going on- including my bday! 

It was a great celebration um week for me haha! I am blessed to have so many loving friends and family.

Thank you to you all for all of the warm wishes on all of the social networks I am connected to. Every message made me feel so special- thank you!!

I just had to dedicate an entire post about these gorgeous earrings. My little sister  gave me these Chanel camellia earrings for my birthday. When I laid eyes on them, my heart skipped a beat. They are sooo different…unique and quite perfect. They almost look like they could be vintage even though they aren’t. Old school glam. That and the fact that my younger sister bought them for me make them the most sentimental most gorgeous present ever. They are such a statement piece that I’m already envisioning so many outfits- all with: hair completely up in a bun or messy updo, black dress or outfit, and abs NO jewelry but these babies.

thanks for letting me share.


best. birthday. gift. ever.

love love love.

love you sarah. <3