& red


A couple months ago, I saw this dress on a couple of my fave celebrities ahem ahem g rancic, and I just fell in love. The lace details were so attractive- esp that all lace back! I’m a woman of um, well….ok. I’ll admit it right here. I don’t have many curves. I wish I was granted a nice rack & booty, but I’m asian, and I work with what I am given 😉 I have a smaller chest and barely there butt~ My figure is pretty much straight up and down. Don’t get me wrong here- I love my body, and wouldn’t want it any other way.  I must say though, it’s amazing what a little dress can do! Yes, I was attracted to the lace detailing of this dress when I first saw it, but I was even more attracted to it when I put in on. It suddenly made me have a noticeable waistline, and more curves than usual. I was really liking how my butt looked too lol. That along with the pop of red in the Chanel jumbo and simple diamonds- well, I felt like a woman. Love feeling so fem… I wore this dress on valentine’s day dinner.










Kardashian Kollection lace dress

Christian Louboutin heels

Chanel Jumbo

Hermes bracelet

YSL ring