A couple pairs of matching sparkly toms with daughter (in two colors) gave way to some *inspo* for sporting matching nails~! 

I swear these last longer than a manicure with your manicurist. The gold color daughter and I are sporting look exactly like a gel manicure. I had extra product left, so I cut the remaining product to fit her small nail beds. These babies last for exactly two weeks every time without a single chip. It has been over a month since I have gone to my manicurist because I am officially addicted to this awesome little secret. One more little secret- before you apply it, swipe your nails with nail polish remover.  A must try!

Below are my three faves~ (have tried a lot of them;)

Sally hansen real nail polish strips~ USD $9.00

for nine dollars, such a steal.

Comment which color out of my faves that you like the most or want to try and I will send it to you! Unfortunately, I can’t to everyone that comments. That’s why  winners will chosen using a random # generator. 🙂