you’ll never guess the secret (how easy)

I was a “single mom” this past weekend, and when it comes to making a good meal for the kids with no extra help around I’m all about easy.

Deep dish to PERFECTION with muffin tins.

Get a 6 tray or a 12 tray. Put in 1/2 a teaspoon of olive oil inside each one.

Make your dough. SO easy. If you don’t remember my pizza dough recipe look HERE.

get about two tablespoons of dough and spread flat into the thinnest circle possible-

place each flattened circle into the muffin tin, use a small spoon to get the dough to cover as much of the surface of the tin (esp the sides) as possible.

the fun part~

1. add you ingredients. You can use whatever you have in your fridge.. mushrooms, green onions.. brocolli even. I have a 12 tin tray, so I did half and half. 6 finely sliced spinach, diced tomatoes, and pepperoni, and 6 lean ham, pineapple, and 1 teaspoon of spaghetti sauce.

2. Sprinkle a very  generous serving of shredded mozerella cheese all over the top

Easiest part. 440 degrees, 14 mins.

If you are anything like me, presentation is key.

each bite, the perfect portion, deep dish perfection.