So excited to share my collaboration with Muse!

Trans/Pre-Fall 2013 collection

Hi friends! When Muse contacted me to ask me to represent them in their Live Like a Muse campaign, I was stunned. We all know how amaze Muse is. Muse’s pieces are statement pieces- especially their dresses. They’re bold. The dresses for Muse’s Trans/Pre-Fall 2013 collection are no different. They are exotic and bright, but they can be worn on any woman with an everyday lifestyle, no matter what her lifestyle is.

I don’t have a glamorous everyday lifestyle, but I do have a very busy schedule & I’m sure you all can relate. Even though my activities change daily, one thing that doesn’t is my mindset.  No matter what I am doing or where I am, I dress to impress. I don’t do this for other people, I do it for myself. Waking up an extra ten mins early, picking out a cute outfit, curling my eyelashes, and putting on some lipgloss does wonders for the way I feel about myself every morning. I firmly believe that the way you look gives you so much self esteem, and if you have a little self confidence, you will stand tall and proud, when you walk. It’s not just you that will notice. Everyone will see it. Eyes bright, and standing tall, there will def be an ‘oomph’ in your walk, positive energy exuding out of you while you do whatever it is that you do everyday.

With that said, I’m proud to represent Muse ~ which stands to inspire and be inspired by others.

I’m wearing Muse’s mirror print boat neck sheath dress.

Click on the image below to see how I wear it no matter what time of day, or where I am.

 As women, we are bold and fabulous in our every day lives even if we aren’t movie stars or pop artists, and the way we dress or present ourselves contributes to our *fab-factor* in which others might be inspired. I know that I’m inspired on a daily basis, whether it’s finding something dope on a fave fashion blog or going on an errand and seeing a someone in the cutest outfit ever who just reeks of nothing but confidence. I hope I in turn inpsire others in the same way- and on that thought, I hope you are inspired by me!

As a close totem of how I #LiveLikeAMuse , Muse is giving away this fabulous token of me

-just for you-

to help you live this way!

Besides the fact that I have a love for all things Chanel, I chose these items for you with greater reason. The two lip glosses are two staples of mine (the only lip glosses that I use during the day). Some of you know I have always had an obsession with lip gloss. Even if I am not wearing makeup, I have to have on lipgloss on when I leave the house. It makes me feel very feminine and polished esp when I’m not looking/feeling my best. I love doing my nails in a french manicure or a very dark color (dark blue, dark black, or dark dark maroonish brown), and a nice manicure helps me feel neat and put together no matter what I am wearing.

To win, two Chanel glossimers, a Chanel nail polish, and a Chanel beauty pouch, do two simple things-

1. Leave a comment here telling me what you love about this dress

2. Click on the link/image above and sign up for Muse’s email newsletter.

The winners will be revealed on August 19th. 

How do you live like a Muse?

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