nori wrapped hawaiian style

Hawaiian Musubi is a popular snack and lunch food in Hawaii  composed a slice of marniated teriyaki grilled spam on top of a rectangle of rice, wrapped together with dried seaweed in the tradition of Japanese omusubi.

Spam musubi is often commonly found near cash registers in grocery stores/convenience stores all over Hawaii.

This is an easy peasy recipy.

Cut your spam into 1/4 inch slices. Grill until piece until the spam is crispy on each side. Get a bowl and pour in half a cup of soy sauce, 4, tsp honey, 1 tsp minced garlic, and 5 tsp of white sugar. Mix well. Dip each piece in coating each side evenly. Pull out and set aside on a plate.

Grab a musubi maker or, make one with any type of small rectangular container you might have at home!

Layer rice, the cooked then dipped spam, then a piece of fried egg, half a piece of american cheese, and then a layer of rice at the top. Tip* If you put the cheese next to the just fried egg, it will melt right on top– I think it tastes so good this way 😉

Get your nori, and cut the sheet in half. Use that half to wrap around your rectangle.

if you have little ones, cut into smaller pieces 😉

if not, just garnish with sesame oil and seeds and serve large sized.