{still a work in progress}

Hello friends! Hope that everyone had a great weekend! Just wanted to share a few glimpses of my other fave space in our new home- my office. It is def still a work in progress as I will share about later in this post! If you remember my old office, you might recognize a few similarities. The white table and chairs will always be in my office due to extreme sentimental value. You might remember me telling you this, but for new followers: the white desk that everything sits used to be an old table of ours that I never cared too much for (visually) but held so many personal memories between hubby and I. When we moved from la to dallas, we knew we would be buying all new furniture, so we either gave away or sold all of our old things. This table ended up being something I just couldn’t sell or give away.  Hubby decided to sand the entire thing, along with the chairs, and paint in a very beautiful glossy white color. 5 coats of paint & 5 days later the outcome was beautiful. It was definitely a labor of love. He did this all before that move, and inscribed this under it with our old house key. Just looking at this photo again makes my heart melt. I love him so much, he is my best friend.

 2 moves and 2 offices later, this very important table (which will always be my desk ) will always take center stage.

Something I was planning on adding to my old home office was hardwood floor and a chandelier to offer an ethereal yet rustic and romantic look. I never got to do that because we moved again! I am lucky that I got to implement my wishlist for my old wish list to my new one: dark hardwood floors, a large glamorous chandelier, a deeper grey wall color.

Ripped the brand new carpet out of this room, and added hardwood floors.  I also changed the paint color of this room (painted by hubby) a grey color again,  but with more bluish hues than my previous office for more of an accent & contrast to the black touches in the room.

Please excuse the unmounted mirrors! They are quite large, and I  just can’t decide if I should leave them black to match the contrast of the smaller black frames on all the walls OR if I should paint them white. Your opinion?

I got really lucky and found this absolutely gorgeous chandelier in a home improvement shop 5 minutes away from us!  When I saw the sparkly intricate crystals and the miniature white lamps shades on top, I immediately thought of my office table lamp and knew it was perfect.

Fuzzy sheepskin throws always add a little bit of glam but also a little bit of comfort and coziness.

There is soo much natural light in this room. Two double windows share so much amazing natural light and also an incredible view. We have ordered plantation shutters for our whole home but they don’t come until after thanksgiving! The wait hasn’t made me anxious at all though-the view of a gorgeous lake surrounded by lush trees is just indescribable- it makes me feel like I’m in a cabin of some kind, looking outward toward the beauty of nature. Because of all of the natural light in this room it was hard to get a decent (unblinded by light) photo of the window/view I describe but here is the best shot I could get-

i love this lamp.

These baby shoes hold a special story to me :: I always need sweets/chocolate nearby to juice my creative thinking :: I love this marble stand my mother handed down to me.

 …and that’s it (so far!! 😉

Look out for a final updated post on my new office this winter.

I hope that you love one of my fave spaces as much as I do!