love timeless

 Can you tell i’m a little into blazers and a little texture/tweed these days?? Not ashamed to admit it. I love looking a little edgy but polished and timeless all at once. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love my casual carefree days, like this one, but I love a structured look too every once in a while.


don’t forget to ‘do’ up  your own beautiful perfect tresses right at home- diy tutorial HERE.

try pairing a textured blazer with a flowy top – this will add movement, and will keep the look younger & not too structured.


love the sequin detail . on a side note,  Zara NAILS it these days. Designer looks, easy on the pocketbook!


3.1 Philip Lim topzara blazer, peep toe wedge, and zippered leggings, chanel woc