my spring picks~  {all under 100 dollars!}

Hi friends! Just wanted to share some of my fave spring goodies, most from my fave retailer- Nordstroms.

The reason I’m posting is because I am honestly OBSESSED with all of the following items below and SHARING IS CARING.

Ladies, do you have that worry free bag? I’m sure you know what this means but if not- a worry free bag is a bag that is cute. It is chic. It is practical. You can put inside as many things as you want without worrying about stretching the shape of the bag. It’s a bag you can toss around without worrying about scratches. It’s a bag that you can set on top of a -you’re not sure how clean it is grocery cart- or *gasp* the restaurant floor! I have a very busy on the go lifestyle & I can’t always take the bags I really want to take with me on certain days (mommies do you feel me?) These totes from nordstroms are vegan (oh yeah!) & reversible (double high five!)  They even come with a large wristlet to put your money and keys in along with a flat sturdy vegan leather rectangle reversable bottom that keeps the bags shape!

Most importantly though- they look and feel SUPER LUXE and look much more expensive than they really are. People keep complimenting me on these buttery totes asking me where they are from, or asking me if it’s -insert higher end brand name-

I initially got the black & cognac one first (you know my style) as a chic pool bag. After carrying it there I realized it is so perfect for errands and pretty much anything else. It is so large that if you have babies it would make the chicest baby bag too.  After using it so much I was craving another color. I do not wear a lot of pink at all. Being the minimalist I am, I was surprised at myself for even attracted to this color. In person, it is very light and goes so well with an all taupe, an all tan, an all creme, or an all white outfit!

nordstrom reversible vegan tote (& wristlet)  in pink/taupe or black/cognac

Get yours pronto!


YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil  in cherry my cherrie {on sale at nordstroms- was $32-now $28!}

So obsessed with this lipgloss. Found out about it through a close friend on a past visit back to my old home city stomping grounds. We were pursuing sephora, and she told me to try this on. It is great for asian faces- and the color is a very spring pink just like the color on the tube of the bottle (btw how pretty is that tube- I am such a sucker for pretty packaging). The best part is that even when the gloss wears off, it tints your lips a rosy pink- and they stay that color all day even though eating and wiping your mouth. So awesome.

a photo of me with it on-


 kensie cat eye tokyo tortoise sunglasses

these chic sunnies add just about the right amount of drama to your outfit of the day. I don’t know about you, but I have a pair of what I call “pool sunnies” Again, having the type of lifestyle I do, I’m always on the go, & I am constantly losing things or scratching things up. Like nice handbags, I never take designer or expensive things to the pool in case of damage or if I lose them! These sunnies do their job and with timeless style. They look and feel super sturdy and luxe.

a photo of me with the sunnies on!


So obsessed with my  Filedcrest WOODEN watch courtesy of Jord Watch

{Thank you, I am obsessed- so in love with it!}

It is the perfect spring watch, and goes with all of my monochrome outfits. Made of all wood, it truly is an eyecatcher and is the perfect spring accessory.

Stack with bold gold, and/or bangles -or your fave bracelets!

IMG_20150603_130012 (1)

Fieldcrest WOODEN watch

Saved the best image for last!

It’s just one of my fave little nooks in my office -aka- my own fave personal space.

Try repurposing glass candle jars for a cosmetic brush holder, & empty liquor bottles into the perfect vase for your spring blooms like I did here, love how it turned out!

Hope you love (& enjoy) all of my spring picks as much as I do.

Happy Spring, and Happy Shopping!

xo, sooae