perfectly spicy and sweet all at once

Get about 4 lbs of chicken “drummetts” and “wingetts” (the small drumsticks and wings taste better to me). Make sure it is room temp let it sit out for an hour, esp if you just bought it. In a mixing bowl put in about two tbs of low sodium soy sauce, two tbs sesame oil, 1 tbs of minced ginger, 1-2 tbs of minced garlic. Mix it well, and then add the chicken and make sure every piece is coated well. Put a lid or wrap on the mixing bowl, and let it sit out for another 1-2 hours.

Prepare the sweet and spicy sauce which should be room temp when it is brushed on the chicken.

In a small bowl mix-

3 tbsn of honey
2 heaping tbsn of spicy red chili paste
2 tbsn minced garlic
1 tbsn ginger powder
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
2 teaspoon sesame seeds
2 tbsn 미향 (cooking rice wine)
3 tbpn 유리당 (cooking syrup)

Mix well

When you are ready to start cooking, a baking pan and cover it with aluminum foil. Spray it with non stick spray, and get out a bowl of cornstarch.

* I make this recipie two ways, because my husband and his family likes things really cripsy. I personally prefer super savory and juicy, ( so do my mom, dad and sister )-  you decide which one is better for your family* If you DO decide to go for super crispy, then:

Take each piece of marinated chicken and flip each piece over in the cornstarch coating each side evenly-then lay it on the greased baking pan.

If you want go go for super juicy, then just put the chicken alone on the pan.

Whichever way you decide to go:

Usually I use two pans for 4 lbs of chicken. Preheat the oven at 350 and put in the chicken for 45 mins.

At 45 mins mark, take the chicken out and use a brush for the sauce-

brush about 3/4s of it on and put back in the oven and put your oven on 450 degrees. Leave it in there until it is super shiny , and caramelized- looking. Usually about 10 mins.

take it out and brush the 1/4 th remainder of the sauce on and cook for 5 mins on broil setting. Take everything out and let it cool for ten mins. Transfer everything to a plate.

 serve with white or brown rice.