there is something so royal– about royal blue

Did you know that if you posted something on facebook on an exact day how ever many years ago–it alerts you?  I sure don’t like a lot of things about facebook, but this, I really LIKE– literally! I think it is so cool because if a previous photo upload was a very important milestone or just a special day you are automatically reminded & take a second to reminisce about that special moment! These photos were taken exactly two years ago, on this very day! It was not a special occasion, but a very romantic date that I had with hubby that I will always remember. You fashion bloggers know that taking outfit photos can be very stressful and not fun at all esp when the weather is not cooperative! Taking these photos before our date made for so much laughter because it was kind of windy and my dress kept flaring up! People kept walking by and looking and my cheeks were the rosiest-of red-embarrassment! Reminiscing on what a fun day it was, but also how much I had forgotten about the color royal blue. There is something so rich and vibrant and gorgeous about this hue. It is so clean and crisp but very lux, no?

Today, I  inspired to do 3 things:

1. Wear more royal blue.

2. Do more flashback posts of previous outfits and moments that I abs loved. (stay tuned)

3.  To always remember to LIVE in the MOMENT. Life is too short!

i love pieces that have movement~so whimsical and carefree

When working with royal blue neutrals like beige and nude work best to make the bright color pop and take center stage. I remember feeling bold (and living in the moment) that day and took a chance with gold.

I’m glad that I did.

dress & heels -2 ago years today

gold bracelet and gold ring- passed down from generations! gifted to me from mil

 lana earrings

ysl arty ring