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I have been getting a lot of requests for how to do a bun, so here it is friends!

I always find that doing this updo is most effective when you use day old hair. It also works the best when your hair style was previously curly-wavy/ or even curled with a curling iron. The extra oil and texture from the curl help add dimension  to the bun.

Take your hair, and put in a high ponytail. After doing the look several times, you will start to just know where exactly on your head you like your bun to sit.

Start twisting your hair in a clockwise motion, all the way to the ends.

Once it has been twisted to the very end, start forming a doughnut shape, by manipulating the hair into a circle using the same method (turn hair clockwise)

Once you have made a doughnut, tuck in the ends & loose hairs.

Secure with an elastic band (the thick kind). I wrap the band around the bun, twice- so it is very tight.

Now that the bun is secure, start pulling out your hair, little by little- manipulating the desired thickness of your updo.

I like my bun to look very thick, so I pull out the hairs around the entire circle about an inch, to two inches all the way around.

I always need exactly four bobby pins. two for each side of my bun~ Secure one, by one- on each side just the way you want it to look.

I like making my updo look like it has a little bit of a twist. In my opinion, a full perfect circle like a sock bun can make your look look a little bit “older” if you aren’t careful. I feel that this “twist” shape in the bun makes your look exquisitely modern, and just younger in general.

wet your fingers with a little bit of water, only making your hands damp-and pat & smooth down all stray hairs. Finally, take a fine tooth comb, and comb hairs all around the crown of your hair into place.


The perfect bun with a lil’ twist.

*quick tip~when wearing an clean swept updo like this one, accessorize very very minimally. Stick to some long dangly statement earrings, and stay away from necklaces of any kind. Let your neckline, and collar bone take center stage!

love wearing this with a mod shift dress, or a boho one like the one above!