perfect little bites of goodness

We’re going on a trip soon, and due to some circumstances, we have to leave on Halloween! If you are reading this by now, that’s today! Happy Halloween buddies! The girls can’t go trick or treating this year, so I wanted to do something special so they could also feel like they had a halloween. To make things up to them, we’re dressing them up the night before halloween, and having them walk around to give these home made goodies to the neighbors. It will be nice to show the girls Halloween in this light, and meet some our neighbors too!

If you have been following the hautecookie from day one, you might remember my daughter’s 4th birthday party. I used the same recipe  for these halloween themed cake pops.  (You can find it in the bday post!)

Since I already posted the recipe, I’ll do a quicky how to:

Get your fave cake recipe, and make it. Then get your fave frosting recipe and make it too.

After you have made your cake and frosting, and your cake has completely cooled, crumble it up into pieces and place in a mixing bowl. Start adding some of your frosting little by little and mash it up well just using your hands. It should be a play doh like consistency…not too liquidy, not too bready.. just like play doh.

Instead of making little cupcakes or little balls, I thought it would be fun to make little squares. Just get a small rectangular baking pan and press your dough neatly into each corner and flatten the top perfectly with your hands. Place in the refrigerator overnight. Here’s my little trick- I put mine in the freezer for 1.5 hours!~it’s perfectly cold, hard, and ready to go.

get pop sticks and place on the end of each square. You’ll noticed the squares are super firm and very hard.

Get your candy melts, and well melt them 😉 I use these.

Place the square in your melted chocolate bowl.

make sure there is an even coating on each side of your square, and sprinkle your fave kind of decor on your cake pop.

You have to work really fast, because candy melts dry really fast.

a little helper of mine just couldn’t resist…

ready to wrap

I thought it would be cute to wrap this way- hope the  neighbors love them as much as we all did!

Happy Halloween Buddies!