leather, fur, and gold- my faves– and together– even better.

Does this outfit look familiar to some of you?

For all of you og followers, you might remember THIS OUTFIT which went viral on instagram a couple years ago

{click on the image above to see the original post}

Last night, I was on my way out to my girls’ monthly gno, and I was really strapped for time.

 When in a hurry, it’s nice to have a couple go-to-outfits you can always fall back on when everything else fails, or you just have nothing planned out to wear and don’t have time to think about it. 

I have one dressy and casual GO-TO for each season, and I will def share them with you soon , stay tuned.

This is one of my fave fall/winter go-tos {subtle changes depending on how cold outside}

theory T

michael kors fur vest and time

nightcap leggings

zara heels

hermes cuff

chanel cerf tote and gold earrings


What is your winter go-to outfit??