little square snippets of my life these days-

summertime is here

fave sunnies as of late-Karen Walker.  SO simple but so perfect.

My fave mani

[always over dramatic] no matter what the color.

Birthday cake that I made for husband’s birthday~Korean creme cake with fruit. Lots of love baked into this badboy!

Been jet setting a lot these past two months- found the cutest little restaurant in the airport.

1 hour early to flight= a pear mojito + garlic shrimp and cajun spiach brie fondue with lavash.

I love snapchat, and this is my favorite filter, what girl doesn’t love a flower crown?

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My hubby is the best and always full of surprises.

One day he came home early from a business trip with this humongous plate of sashimi- just because.

It’s truly the little things in life!

I decided to take up golf with my close friends and I’m so glad that I did. I’m enjoying it so much!

One day I can only hope to be as good as my mom and play with her.

Another surprise from hubby- just because. He knew that I needed a great accessory for my new found hobby and told me, “you should take a break from black and try colors- esp in the summertime.” LOL! Thanks for the fashion advice honey- but that’s not why I am keeping the shoes- it is your thoughtfulness. Thank you again, and love you so much.

love playing around with new hair styles, and love this small fish braid.

 Thank you always for all of the recent love and support here, and well through my other social networks, esp instagram! View all other photos via thehautecookie here

Hope everyone is having a great week!