for you.

Through this blogging community, I often find so much inspiration that I’d love to incorporate into my own style. On the very same hand, I often find inspirational words of wisdom that I incorporate into my mindset and outlook on personal style or just life & everything in between.

Hope these gems give you a quick pick me up.

I love the following statement, because I always wear my heart on my sleeve:

On the same note, it doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as YOU like it. People might tell you that what you are wearing is cheap, it’s not made the way they think it should be, what you are wearing is ugly, it’s not beautiful enough to be worn at all. People will often label you by what you wear. None of the above matters. The only thing that does, is what YOU think. If YOU know who you are, you will rock anything you wear, heck anything you do.  The amazing thing? Everyone else will see it too.


People often pass judgement on others despite the relationship they have with one another. 🙁  I always have to remind myself that  people who do that just must not be in a good place in life. Always & only surrounding myself with people who will only lift me higher has TRULY made me into a better and more positive person.

saved the best for last.