and a dash of gold- boho glam


I bought this linen shirt 3 years ago. Three things to mention:

1. I was 5 months preggers when I bought it and bought it a size up so I could wear it to dress up my baby bump. In the dressing room, I remember thinking it looked so pretty.

2. At over $100 usd  I remember also thinking the price tag was a little on the “pricier” side for the retailer but the sequin detail is def probably why.

3. I actually cut that price tag off the day of these photos were taken-a few weeks ago.

Fast forward to August 3, 2013- three years later- I wore this dress for that same baby (who is now 2.5 years old).  It was the day of E’s baptism, and as I sifted through my white dresses my hand just stopped. I touched the hanger and just had an oh wow moment-HOW perfect.  It was such a special day, and what a special dress.

On a more superficial note, this dress got so many compliments/where did you get its.  Never going to be ashamed to be a self-confessed zaraholic lol.  It was always my go-tos if all else fails then, and it still is now. All I have to say is quality, quality, QUALITY. The price is so right too. If I had gotten the chance to wear this tunic 3 years ago, I bet I would have been glowing in it. 3 years later it still glows, as a dress, and yes in a different way. never parting with this for sentimental reasons. love.

 that intricate sequin embroidery. love.

zara linen shirt and gold heels

Jennifer Zeuner necklace