mix x match different aesthetics of the same color.

white, bright, clean.

Hi friends! Hope you all enjoyed a great weekend! I apologize for my lack of posts here and lack of updates via social networks- it has been a crazy month for me! Though I am bursting to share some amazing news, (I will soon stay tuned!) it is hard to be completely happy because I also recently received some devastating news as well. Hubby thought I needed a little pick me up this weekend so we drove almost 2 hours away from our home to visit see the most amazing flowers in a beautiful little town. I chose this outfit to wear because I just wanted to feel alive and rejuvenated. Whenever I feel like I want to lift my spirits I choose white. It’s light and fresh.

The quaint town/ fair, the flowers, a picnic in the field, live music, the sound of delight and laughter in my little girl’s voices- JUST what I needed.

My fave part was walking around the cute little town, window shopping, and perusing the fair. Hence this impromptu photo shoot. =)

I don’t/will never  share photos of my family here for safety reasons–but since our littlest princess’ face is covered up by the most adorable wayfarers- I feel okay to do so- Just this once 😉

How cute is she?

theory wide leg pants

phillip lim for t silk blouse

zara tweed frayed blazer

michael kors time

gold catbird rings

hermes double tour

balenciaga city

chanel aviators