Our littlest one is now THREE!

Given the abs madness of this year, I was FIRM on being ok with not having a big bday (party) for our youngest this year. That worked out nicely. Last minute mommy guilt= last minute small party for just our youngest daughter’s closest friends only. After thinking hard an idea was born.

This festive time of year + the fact that our daughter is very active and adventurous + she loves animals+ my style->very simple yet sort of classy/elegant= a magical winterwonderland explorer party for our daughter.

I kept envisioning something rustic yet elegant-Lots of white, splashes of gold, and lots of chocolate (her other fave sweet treat).

For five days I worked really hard to put this vision together.

Triple chocolate 5 layer cake

german, dutch, and dark chocolate


buttercreme frosting

smore pops in the making.

 the perfect winter treat and the colors went so well for the party

burlap banner with painted on letters

rice crispy chocolate and vanilla popsicles


paper flowers {made by jin song}~ for the treat take home boxes

gingerbread bears

gourmet salted ghiradelli double chunk chocolate chip cookies

the spread

a cake stand made out of a glass cake stand, water glass serving tray, and oldest daughter’s gold tutu.

personalized canvas backpacks with explorer goodies inside

triple layer torte shooters

Elle, I am so happy that you enjoyed your cake, and your birthday party.

I love you more than words will ever even be able to describe. I’m so proud of the girl that you are growing up to be. I love your adventurous nature, your sass, your spunk, and your bright little soul. You bring laughter into our house every morning, and every night. You are the biggest little ball of joy there every was~ and you complete our family.

하늘아, 사랑해. 생일 축하해요!