wow n’ impress at your event

This recipe is embarrassingly easy. You know what my fave kind of recipe is right? Well this one fits right in. The funny thing is it isn’t much of a recipe. I use Martha Stewart’s Recipe, but I tweek it with a touch of zest.

Here is all you need:


12 small potatoes

-6 pieces of bacon cut in half (use the low sodium kind)

(of course double the recipe or make as many as you need)

Get a piece of bacon and rub its oil all over your potatoes. Sprinkle your potatoes with Lawry’s garlic salt (VERY LIGHTLY, not too much)

Wrap the potato with the bacon and poke with a toothpick about halfway down. place on a pan, then…

This bit of info is going to stick in your head- just remember the 4s!

bake at 400 degrees for 40 mins. Easy enough right?

40 mins later~ready to go.

delicious to the last bite.